FloristWare Version 2.0

This update brings automated address verification, a powerful fundraising feature and easy-to-use employee time clock to the most popular independent POS system for retail florists. It also adds the ability to send & receive floral orders to & from other florists using BloomNet.

Our new integration with BloomNet is important – it gives shops using FloristWare the ability to send and receive orders to/from a growing network of 6,000+ member shops.

In addition there are a number of other features focussed on marketing, ease of use and more. Some of the more popular ones include an employee time clock/tracking feature, address verification and more.


New Features & Improvements in FloristWare v2.0

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Send and Receive BloomNet Orders & Messages

FloristWare now offers full integration with BloomNet. You can now send and receive BloomNet orders & messages with just a few clicks - all from within FloristWare. This makes working with BloomNet faster and easier than ever.


FloristWare Messaging System

FloristWare now includes a full messaging system that allows you to communicate with your staff and your staff to communicate with each other. It offers all of the benefits of e-mail with none of the disadvantages - employees can only send messages to each other so they aren't wasting time e-mailing friends, and all messages (along with a history of who and when created/sent/copied/replied/forwarded, etc.) are visible to management.


Built-in Employee Time Clock

FloristWare now includes a powerful punchclock feature that lets you keep track of the hours your employees have worked, wages earned, etc.


Automatic Address Verification

FloristWare now verifies all US addresses on entry. This means that FloristWare will check any US addresses you enter to make sure that they are valid and, whenever possible, provide the zip code. This saves you the time and expense of attempting to deliver (or mail invoices, marketing material, etc.) to invalid addresses.


Create Your Own Short Forms (Abbreviations) For Enclosure Cards

Save time when entering enclosure card messages with this powerful new feature that lets you create up to twelve shortcuts for the phrases you use most often. For example, type "hb" and FloristWare will expand it to "Happy Birthday".


Review Order Details More Easily Than Ever

Reviewing all the details of an order has never been so simple thanks to the new tab layouts. Each order is broken down into small, easy to understand chunks - each presented in it's own tab. This makes FloristWare even faster and easier to use.


Send Outgoing Wires Faster Than Ever

The process of sending an outgoing wire has been streamlined and simplified. It now takes half the time and half the number of click as it did previously. In the case of a BloomNet order it's even faster - you can now send a BloomNet order in about five seconds with just two clicks.


View Outgoing Wire Rebates Before You Select The Service

When it comes time to send an outgoing wire FloristWare now shows you what size rebate you will receive from each one. This allows you to make sure you can always send your orders through the service that gives you the biggest rebate.


Export Customer Valuable Customer Information

Our florist marketing tools now enable flower shops to export customer data including phone number and e-mail addresses. This is very handy for florists that use a service like Constant Contact to do their e-mail marketing.


Improved Wire Service Reconciliation Reports

When receiving incoming wire orders you can now record the sender's order number. This combined with several new reports makes reconciling your wire service statements easier than ever.


Send Fully Formatted HTML Including Pictures and Links

Another addition to our floral marketing tools allows florists to send fully formatted html e-mails directly from FloristWare. This gives you complete control over the appearance of your e-mail. You can include graphics, animations, links and more.


Specify Your Own Delivery Windows

Our delivery management tools now allow you to  define floral delivery windows as you see fit. A window could be something like "Before 5:00 PM" or Between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM", etc. You can then select from these windows whenever you take an order.


Cleaner And Easier Look and Feel

The most commonly used screens have been dramatically simplified. This makes FloristWare even easier to learn and use.


Basic User Can Now Generate Reports

Basic level users now have the ability to generate certain non-sensitive reports. This means that you no longer have to be a manager or owner on hand to print some of the most helpful reports. Only managers and owners continue to have the ability to print the more sensitive reports.


Enhanced Daily Sales Report

FloristWare now includes a new an improved Daily Sales Report now, specifically designed for retail florists, tha features a cleaner, more organized and easy-to-understand layout. It allows includes the cashout sheet and open & closed times.


Customer Tools To Refine Your Customer Database

Powerful new tools allow you to merge duplicate customer records, delete inactive customers and build a more valuable customer database by helping you gather information on customers with incomplete records.


Fundraising Feature Creates Volunteer Sales Force

This powerful new feature allows you to increase sales through fundraising programs. You can specify that a certain percentage of sales generated by fundraising program be donated to those programs - turning the people involved into a passionate and motivated sales force.


All New Pending Orders Report

Another addition to our reporting capabilities. A  new report shows you all of the orders (pick-ups and deliveries) that you have scheduled for a certain day to help you schedule and purchase product effectively.