FloristWare Version 1.8

The FloristWare POS system for florists gets even better with integrated credit card processing, enhanced AR tools and better marketing features.

This version of FloristWare introduces "inline" credit card processing – the ability to process credit cards from with FloristWare. This makes processing sales and orders faster and easier than ever – something both retail florists and their customers will appreciate.

There are also significant enhancements to the accounts receivable and marketing features and a great many smaller adjustments to make FloristWare run faster and more efficiently.

New Features & Improvements in FloristWare v1.8

More details on specific improvements to this version of FloristWare.


New Customer Bonus Points Feature Enhanced

Introduced in Version 1.7, the "New Customer Bonus Points" feature was one of the most popular additions to FloristWare so we made it even more powerful. This feature now asks you whether you want to apply the bonus points after you have completed entering the customer's information, allowing you to make a more informed decision as to whether you want to award the bonus points. FloristWare offers the most robust and customizable points/loyalty program available in the floral industry.


Accounts Receivable - Credit Card Payments

In the new and enhanced A/R (Accounts Receivable) interface FloristWare can store a default credit card number for each account. This is great for accounts that like to keep a credit card number on file and charge their purchases to that account at regular intervals.


Accounts Receivable - Enhanced Statements

FloristWare now allows you to print two different types of statements for your accounts. The first is a summary that shows a list of sales and invoice numbers. This version is typically used by florists who make a habit of sending or including the invoice for each individual sale. The second type of statement shows the details of each order placed and item purchased. This is generally used by stores that do not send or include invoices. Both types of statements now include a "Please Return" slip on the bottom of the front page to help make it easier for the customer to remit payment and for you to organize the checks you receive.


Receipts, Invoices and Statements

The header and footer messages that appear on these documents now appear exactly as you format them on-screen.


Credit Cards

FloristWare now allows florists to directly process all major credit cards and U.S. debit cards from within the program – you no longer need to have or use a separate credit card pos terminal. This saves you time and money. This feature will work with almost all merchant service providers so you probably won't even have to make any changes.


Reminder Postcards

The marketing tools in FloristWare always did a great job of keeping track of "Reminders" - special events like birthdays and anniversaries that your customers want to be reminded about, and helping you notify customers by phone and/or e-mail. FloristWare now allows you to generate personalized Reminder postcards as well, and with just a few clicks.



FloristWare has powerful marketing features for florists that let you take a list of all your customers and/or recipients and refine it into a list that will become the focus of a marketing effort. In addition to the existing options for your lists FloristWare can now generate personalized postcards for each person on it.


Search For Items By Name

In addition to browsing for products by categories and customer/recipient histories you can now search for products by their name.


Fast Add

A new "Fast Add" button was added to simplify and speed the product selection process. It allows the user to add a simple product directly to the sale without having to review the product details first. This really saves time when ringing up multiple simple sale items, or adding multiple items to orders.


Other Streamlining

Other enhancements were made to the sale and order taking processes that allow the user to save time by "skipping clicks" in many situations. FloristWare lets you take flower delivery orders faster than any other system - that saves you time and makes for happier, more satisfied customers.