FloristWare Version 3.1

Very popular with smaller shops, FloristWare has also proven to be very popular with larger and more successful florists. This update was based on feedback from this kind of power user, but the changes (like scheduling, production management & more) will benefit flower shops of all sizes.

Fourteen new enchancements including five new reports requested by our users. It's always a pleasure to deliver the improvements clients have asked for.

Features like the one that automate printing of a duplicate enclosure card on sympathy orders will help florists that want to be the favorite of local funeral directors. The new components feature helps florists figure out exactly how many stems of each flower they need to fill the orders they have booked. And the UPS Worldship feature helps florists that send gift baskets and dried/silk arrangements through UPS.

Another new feature, the ability to generate quotes for wedding and event work, will appeal to almost all florists.


New Features & Enhancements in FloristWare v3.1...

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Set Delivery Destination By ZIP/Postal Code

FloristWare now allows you to specify delivery destinations by simply entering the ZIP or Postal Code. It then enters the correct city/town and state/province. Users still have the option of choosing from a list of their more popular delivery destinations or searching by the name of the city/town.


Staff Scheduling Tool - Wages Per Day

This enhancement to the staff scheduling tool shows your wage expense for each day as you plan the schedule. This is very helpful for keeping your costs under control.


Place Subdivisions

Selection of the subdivisions and/or delivery service options is now quicker and more streamlined than in the past.


Progress Tracker - Bulk Process

The Progress Tracker (production/delivery management for florists) feature is now faster and easier to use by allowing you to advance entire lists of orders through the process instead of advancing them one at a time. Most importantly the system can - with one click - flag an entire list of orders as delivered and automatically send delivery confirmations to your customers.


Product Settings - Power List

Knowledgeable users will find editing their list of products easier than ever with this powerful new option. It allows you to work with entire lists of products instead of having you go through them one at a time to make edits.