Employee Timeclock and Productivity Tracker For Florists

Labor is more expensive than ever but FloristWare makes it easy for flower shops to track, review and approve hours, make adjustments and calculate wages.

FloristWare automatically tracks the hours worked by flower shop employees and makes it easy for shop management to calculate wages and keep track of payment. And, after doing this for more than fifteen years, our timeclock system takes into account all the weird things that happen in a retail flower shop on a regular basis.

How FloristWare Helps Employers And Managers

With the cost of labor being so high keeping track of hours and wages has never been more important, yet it often remains time consuming and unfulfilling – a black hole of time and energy. This is how FloristWare helps the management of flower shops when it comes to payroll:

Easy For Employees

FloristWare makes it very easy for your employees to sign in and out, and hard for them to forget either. And, if they do, there are powerful tools to fix mistakes right in the software so you are dealing with a single source of truth and not a patchwork of systems and notes.

Adjustments Kept Honest

Sometimes adjustments need to be made – an employee starts working before they can punch in, or is forced to punch out before they are finished working. FloristWare makes it easy for workers to enter adjusted times and explanations, but we keep track of the actual times and present both to management to review. Management gets to approve the final hours for which the employee will receive credit and record their comment.

Meaningful Records, All In One Place

FloristWare helps you reduce disagreements by making sure you always have a complete record of the hours the software saw each employee work (when they logged in and out), what they say they worked, and what you approved for payment, with notes on each.

Reduce Questions From Your Staff

FloristWare lets employees see the payment status of each shift, along with the final ruling and comment right from their user dashboard so they aren’t coming to you with questions.

Managing hours and payroll can be time consuming and not particularly satisfying. FloristWare makes it easy and efficient.


How FloristWare Helps Employees

Payroll starts and ends with employees. It starts with their start and end times, and ends when they know what, when and how they are getting paid. Here is how FloristWare helps:


FloristWare makes it very easy for your people to sign in and out. You want them working, not fussing with their hours.

Make Adjustments When Needed

Let’s say an employee gets to the store and clears the walk or deals with an incoming shipment before they have a chance to punch in. Or they have to punch in even though they are going to make a delivery on their way home.

FloristWare lets them enter an adjusted start/end times, along with an explanation, which is recorded alongside the actual time captured by the system. 


Each employee can see the status (pending review, reviewed & approved, paid, etc.), outcome (final hours and wages) and payment method for each shift in their user dashboard so they never need to ask questions of management.

You want your employees working, not fussing with tracking their hours and asking questions about getting paid. FloristWare makes that easy.


Special Feature

FloristWare also allows each employee to enter multiple shift segments each day, with different shift types and hourly rates for each.

Why? Some shops might pay certain employees one rate for the morning shift segment when they are designing, and another for their afternoon shift segment when they are working in the front of the store.

It’s not for everybody but it allows for some really innovative and exciting compensation plans, especially when combined with bonuses for sales and/or production. For example some stores pay a lower hourly rate for design, but coupled with a production bonus that motivates designers to get more done.


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