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Quickly generate highly targeted lists for your marketing campaigns, ready for your favourite email marketing program.


Track/Maximize Advertising and Marketing Efforts

Powerful sale tracking tools in FloristWare help retail florists track performance and maximize advertising and marketing budgets.

Advertising and marketing are scary and expensive for any small business, florists in particular. You have to be ruthlessly efficient, spending only on advertising/marketing efforts that deliver sales.

FloristWare can help. It lets you track the effectiveness of each marketing effort or advertising campaign and see the exact volume of sales generated for each dollar spent.

See What Works

FloristWare provides florists with numerous options for tracking the "origin" of each sales in terms of the advertising/marketing effort that drove it – the campaign that prompted the customer to pick up and buy that day.

For example the AdTracker feature, a key part of FloristWare since it was introduced over a decade ago, lets you enter all of your advertising/marketing efforts and then quickly and easily "attach" one to each sale.

Alternative approaches include inbound phone numbers (you can use one phone number on your website, one in your newspaper ads, one on the radio, etc. and FloristWare lets you keep track of each) and discount/bonus points codes (each marketing effort can use a unique code).

You can then run reports, seeing exactly how much in sales each effort generated in return for each dollar invested. This will leave you with no doubt about what marketing money is well spent.

....Stop Wasting Money On What Doesn't

Simple reports make it very obvious which advertising/marketing efforts are performing well... and which aren't. This makes it very easy to pull the plug on efforts that simply aren't generating sales.

For example – when FloristWare first came out it was still common for florists to commit to large, and very expensive, ads in phone directories. The AdTracker feature helped countless florists see conclusively that this simply was not a good way for them to spend their marketing budget. The money they were spending was not generating enough sales to make it worthwhile.

Quitting these directories was tough, but the AdTracker report made it easier to stop spending money on campaigns that don't generate sales.

....And Double Down On What Does

And of course these reports also show what does work, and where marketing dollars are better spent.

By not spending on campaigns that are not effective, and redirecting that money to campaigns that are, florists can achieve remarkable increases in sales without spending any more money!

For example – a shop might see that their relatively large commitment to the phone directories does not generate enough sales for each dollar spent, while the relatively small amount spent on radio and direct mail does.

This shop can then discontinue the effort that doesn't work and redirect that money to the efforts that do!



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