Credit Card Processing

Use whatever credit card processor/merchant services provider you like. You find the best deal, we'll make it work, and you save the money.

Choose Your Merchant Services Provider ...

FloristWare lets florists choose the merchant services provider that they want to process their credit card transactions. We don't force you to select from a narrow list of providers that have been selected because they give us a kickback.

...Save Money. A Lot Of Money.

When a POS provider forces you to choose a particular merchant services provider, or select from a list they have approved, the reason is simple: it is extremely profitable for them. Those approved vendors have usually agreed to pay the POS provider a kickback.

That means that your rates are higher, because the merchant services provider has to charge you more so they can give a piece back to the POS vendor. It adds to your costs without giving you any additional value.

The savings can be huge. We have had clients switch to FloristWare while still making payments on their old POS system, and it still saved them money overall because it was costing them so much less to process their credit cards through FloristWare.

Our approach means you are always in charge! It is so easy to change the processing option in FloristWare that you can always be on the lookout for better rates and switch on a moments notice to take advantage of a better deal.

Plus A Special Option!

FloristWare includes some special credit card processing options. For example you can configure two different accounts – one for "card present" swiped accounts and another for card-not-present telephone orders. FloristWare will then automatically route each transaction through the correct account.

Why? High volume shops (and we deal with a lot of those) that aggressively pursue the best processing deals, are sometimes able to save even more money this way.