Discounts: Increase Sales & Shape Customer Behavior

Powerful discounting tools that let you influence how & when customers spend... getting them to buy more and more often than they planned.

When florists talk to us about discounting they typically want to be able to…

Attach Discounts To Specific Products/Product Categories

For example the florist wants to discount all Easter related merchandise after Easter has passed.

Attach Discounts To Specific Customers

Some customers may be entitled to a discount that should be applied automatically, without the user having to do it manually. And, better yet, this same discount might not be applied to things like service and delivery charges.

Allow For Impromptu On-The-Fly Discounts

In addition to the kind of automated discounts applied above florists often want to be able to apply discounts at the sale, order or item level while entering it.

Percentage And Fixed Dollar Discounts

Sometimes a florist wants to enter a percentage discount, other times they want to enter a specific fixed dollar amount (like $5 off delivery).

Discount At The Sale, Order or Item Level

Apply (or remove) one or more discounts to all the orders in a sale, all the items in an order, or each item individually. This is important because florists don’t usually want product discounts to be applied to delivery or service charges, especially outgoing wire charges. FloristWare helps you make sure that does not happen automatically.

FloristWare does all that. Some florists who are really thinking it through also want to be able to…

Track & Report On Discounts

See a report of what discounts and discount codes are being applied, the total of each discount, etc.

Control Which Employees Can Grant Discounts

Some florists want to be sure that only certain employees can apply discounts.

See Which Employees Are Applying Discounts

Florists typically want some of their employees to apply discounts, but they also need to see when, to whom and for how much so they can be sure they aren’t just giving a break to their friends and family.

Multiple Discounts

Control what happens when a sale/order/item is eligible for more than one discount.

FloristWare does all that too.


But There Is So Much More To Discounting…

It’s worth taking a look at the reasons for discounting. Generally it’s because you want to change customer behavior… you want them to buy at a time when they would not normally be interested and buy more when they are, and more often the rest of the time. For example…

Discounted Christmas Items After Christmas

After Christmas you may have Christmas merchandise you don’t want to store for another year, but customers aren’t really interested in that either and are unlikely to pay full price (if they were they would likely have purchased it a week or two sooner). FloristWare makes it easy to automatically discount specific products/product categories during specific periods.

Discounts on Early Valentine's Day Orders

Valentine's Day is always crazy, but it’s a little bit easier to manage when customers place their orders early. It allows you to purchase, staff and prepare more effectively. Because of this some florists use discounts to encourage early ordering.

Again FloristWare can automate this, automatically applying discounts to orders being placed during a specific period for delivery or pick-up on specific days.

Alternate Delivery Days

Mother's Day is another crazy one, but it’s a little bit easier if you can spread your deliveries out over a few days. As a result some florists use discounts to encourage order for delivery on alternate days.

Again FloristWare helps – you can specify a special Mother's Day discount that is only applied to Mother's Day orders specified for delivery on days other than the Saturday & Sunday.

Discounts For Certain Payment Methods

Some florists want to discourage the use of certain payment methods (like charge accounts or specific credit cards) or encourage the use of others (maybe cash).


FloristWare can do that. Not only does it let you automatically apply special discounts to the payment methods you want to encourage, it can also automatically remove other discounts from the methods you want to discourage.

There are doubtless many more possible situations but by letting you automatically apply discounts based on almost any combination of customer, recipient, product/product category, occasion, order date and fill date FloristWare helps you cover them all.

And while this might not be exciting it is very important: FloristWare accounts for discounts properly, with balanced, well-formed GL entries in our General Ledger Report.


Don't Forget About Points/Incentive Programs

Discounting can be effective at influencing customers and increasing sales but there is a downside… every discounted sale is a little less profitable, and discounting does little to encourage loyalty. The good news is that almost all of our discounting features can also be applied to our points-based incentive/loyalty program for florists.


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