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FloristWare Screen Shots: The Help System

Below you will find images of the FloristWare Help system in action. These are actual screen shots - FloristWare really is this clean and easy to use!

Please keep in mind that these images have been scaled down to fit your browser. When you are actually using FloristWare the screens are much larger, clearer and easier to read.

The FloristWare Help system uses a three-step approach to ensure that any user can work through any task quickly and easily.

The screen below is a great example of the first step in the approach - the FloristWare "Question & Answer" interface. Here FloristWare is asking the user what they want to do, and the three large beige buttons correspond to the three most popular responses. All the user has to do is click on the button that describes what they want to do. By keeping things simple from the start we reduce the number of times a user will need help.


FloristWare Help System Screenshot


Anytime you see a button and you aren't quite sure what it's for, just hold the cursor over the button without clicking it. This is the second step in the approach. For example, let's say you weren't quite sure what the "Find And/Or Refund A Sale" button is for. Just hold the cursor over it for a second and this is what you will see:


Expanding Help Screenshot


Just below and to the right of the cursor a window has popped up with more detailed instructions on what this button does.

Here is another example. In the top right-hand corner of almost every screen in FloristWare you will see a blue button that shows you the name and access level (Basic User, Manager or Owner) and gives you access to all user-related functions.

Let's say you aren't quite sure what this button is for. Simply hold the cursor over it and....


Blossoming Help Screenshot


... FloristWare gives you the answer!

The FloristWare Help system doesn't end there. In fact that is only the beginning.

In the top center of every screen you will see a purple "Help" button that gives you access to the third Help option. Clicking this button will take you to special help text dedicated to the screen you are working on. This page will explain exactly what you are doing and explain what every button on the screen does as well as outline all of your options. Here is the help text for the screen we are looking at:


Contextual Help Text Screenshot


When you are finished you simply click "Continue" to be returned to the screen you were working with. The FloristWare help system contains almost 100,000 words of instruction and is better than any manual because you never have to find what you are looking for - just click button and FloristWare takes you to help information dedicated to that very situation!

Some of our users do like having paper, which is why we included the yellow "Print" button at the bottom of the screen. If they find there is an area where they consistently have problems they print the help page and keep them in a binder near the computer.

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