OnFleet Delivery Management & Driver Tracking For Florists


High volume shops reduce costs, maximize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with our OnFleet delivery management and driver tracking integration.

Delivery is a final but important step for the success of your business. Doing it efficently is critical to profitability. Doing it on time is vital to customer satisfaction, retention and referral.

FloristWare makes it easy to plan your flower deliveries with mapping and route optimization tools as well as a mobile delivery app. And for most retail flower shops, these powerful tools will more than meet your delivery needs. 

For shops that are high volume senders, FloristWare provides integration with OnFleet, the world's most advanced logistics software and a trusted "last mile" delivery solution for thousands of companies across many industries.

Send OnFleet a list of deliveries and the number of delivery vehicles you have available – they then automatically balance the load between drivers and determine the most efficent possible routes for each. FloristWare makes it even easier by automatically pushing delivery details to OnFleet at the time/event that you specify.


Other Benefits To Our OnFleet Integration... 

Proof of Delivery

With the OnFleet Delivery app, much like our native FloristWare delivery app, you can verify every delivery by having your drivers complete specific requirements (e.g. photos, signatures, barcodes, etc). 

Route Optimization & Load Balancing

No need to worry about traffic putting you behind schedule — Onfleet considers time, location, capacity and traffic to give your drivers the most efficient and balanced routes. And if you need to make changes, Onfleet will send real--time updates to your drivers.  

Analyze and Improve Efficiency with OnFleet's Metrics

OnFleet's detailed task histories and driver performance metrics will help you maximize your delivery team's productivity. You can also review/analyze other key metrics such as service times, feedback scores, distance traveled and much more, segmented by teams, drivers, specific day or week, etc. 

Save Time & Increase Tips With Predictive ETAs & Notifications

OnFleet keeps you one step ahead, with predictive arrival times and real-time updates. Recipients can be automatically notified to expect a delivery X number of minutes in advance to reduce time on delivery, letting each driver complete more stops each day. This feature has also been shown to increase tips as recipients are no longer caught by surprise (and empty handed).

Real-Time Driver Tracking

Driver locations can be tracked online in real-time. If you need something picked up you will always know who is closest, and you'll never have to worry about drivers making unscheduled detours.

Automatic Status Updates

Give your customers updates on their deliveries (including when the delivery starts and an estimated arrival time) with automatic SMS notifications.

Feedback Collection

Onfleet offers an integrated customer feedback form so you can hear first-hand about each customer’s delivery experience.

It Works With Your Website Orders Too

Our OnFleet integration is not just for phone orders – you can also map, route and optimize orders placed on any of the popular ecommerce website platforms for florists we integrate with including...

Flower Shop Network | Strider Florist 2.0 | Epic Shops | GravityFree Flower Manager


FloristWare Route Optimization & Mobile Delivery App

FloristWare Route Optimization & Mobile Delivery App

Shops averaging less than 100 deliveries each day may prefer our built in floral delivery management/route optimization and mobile floral delivery app options.

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