Credit Card Surcharging/Cash Discounting For Florists

FloristWare is the ideal solution for flower shops that want to eliminate credit card processing fees by surcharging their customers.

No More Credit Card Fees?

Not if you don't want them.

Florists in both the US and Canada are now allowed to "surcharge". When a customer wants to pay by credit card the flower shop can charge an additional fee, the surcharge, in the form of a small percentage to offset their processing costs.There is a limit to the size of the surcharge that you can impose, but it is enough to cover your costs. If you truly hate paying those fees you can make them go away forever.


Should You Surcharge In Your Flower Shop?

The jury is still out on whether flower shops should surcharge their credit card sales, but there are certainly florists that swear by the practice.


How Do You Surcharge?

You will need to talk to your merchant service provider and make sure that they offer credit card surcharging. If they do it is very important you review the rules with them because there are quite a few, mostly related to disclosing the surcharge through signs in your store (and verbally when taking phone orders). If you want to proceed you then need to officially notify them as they will need to make some changes on their end.

The next part is technical – can your POS/shop management system handle surcharging? Will it display surcharges correctly on receipts? These are important questions.

FloristWare, through our Clover integration, offers florists in the US and Canada an ideal surcharging solution.


What Are Your Other Options For Reducing Processing Costs?

if you don't want to surcharge in your flower shop (and there are good reasons not to) you are going to have to continue to cover the processing costs. That means your first priority is making sure that those costs are reasonable.

One of the great things about FloristWare is that it gives flower shop owners freedom over how they process credit cards. They are never stuck with a single over-priced option, they are free to go wherever they can get the best rates.

Our Clover option is ideal for florists in Canada (or any shop that wants to surcharge). For shops that don't our TSYS/Global integration offers outstanding rates and the latest hardware. We also offer an integration for flower shops that want even more options.

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