Split Tender (Multi-Part) Payments Built For Florists

FloristWare makes it easy for florists to split a sale across multiple payments/methods when customer want to use multiple credit cards or split the cost.

Sometimes, in the real world, customers want to split the payment for a sale. Some of the reasons might include…

  • they want to pay by more than one method – like part cash and part credit
  • they need to split the total between two or more credit cards
  • they need to split payment for a big gift or sympathy work between two or more family members

It happens. In fact we hear from so many florists on other systems that want this ability that it made our list of the things florists need to ask when evaluating a new POS system.

But most independent POS systems won’t let you do this. Instead they’ll just insist that you don’t really need to, and/or suggest an ugly time-consuming workaround like…

  • just create a charge account
  • just charge the sale to that new account
  • just record multiple payments on that new account
  • then just close that account out

Imagine trying to do that for siblings that want to split the cost of a Mother's Day gift during one of the busiest times of the year!

This kind of workaround is simply not good enough for a real flower shop. You deserve better!

FloristWare lets you split payments as many ways as you want.


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