True General Journal Simplifies & Streamlines Accounting For Flower Shops

FloristWare is built around a true General Journal that provides accurate numbers and reduces the time and money flower shops spend on bookkeeping and accounting.

The most successful florists tend to take accounting seriously. Or is it that the florists that take accounting seriously tend to be more successful?

It's hard to know what comes first but there is definitely a correlation between success in the flower business and a commitment to good accounting practices so FloristWare takes accounting for florists very seriously.


Floristware immediately cut our bookkeeping costs by 75% and simplified tax calculations into a click, click -- you're done! -- operation.
River Reid-Ranscombe – Owner, Blossoms Rosedale


Accounting is built on what is known as a General Journal, the master accounting document for a business. Simply defined, the general journal refers to a book of original entries, in which accountants and bookkeepers record raw business transactions, in order according to the date events occur. The general journal is the first place where the accounting data for your flower shop is recorded and the foundation of everything that comes later, like the General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Income Statement. While it may not be glamorous FloristWare is one of the few independent POS systems that takes this part of retail floral seriously.


It Keeps You Out Of Trouble

FloristWare is the only independent flower shop management system that takes the time to get floral accounting right. Most floral POS systems don't properly account for things like discounts, incentive programs or gift cards.

But we do. And the General Journal is where we prove it – with balanced, well formed Journal entries that present a complete and accurate picture of your business.


It Makes Things Easier For Your Bookkeeper/Accountant

And that makes things less expensive for you. Instead of having to pull information from multiple reports and piece it together into a Frankenstein Journal FloristWare puts it all together in one simple report. While FloristWare offers a lot of great reports, in most cases your accountant will need just one.


It Makes Dealing With Your Bookkeeper/Accountant Easier For You

Users of other floral POS systems tell us that just getting their accountants and bookkeepers the information they need is a nightmare. They have to run multiple reports, and there is a seemingly endless back and forth each month just trying to make sure they got it right. It's a waste of their time, and it means your accounting bill goes up.

At FloristWare we know that putting together reports for your accountant is not very satisfying so we make it easy. Everything most accountants need is contained on one report, the Journal report, and you don't even have to run it.

Instead just use our bookkeeping handoff feature. With just a couple of clicks this will put together everything your accountant needs and send it off to them.


There are a lot of of floral POS options, but only a few can also claim for be true floral accounting systems. And of these, FloristWare remains the best floral accounting software.


Worried About The New Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Sales Tax?

In May 2022 the state of Colorado introduced a new sales tax called the "Retail Delivery Fee" that retail florists have to start collecting on July 1, 2022. It seems rushed, and it's a new kind of tax with some pretty crazy rules that could definitely cause florists some trouble. If you aren't familiar with it we have an FAQ to get you up to speed.

At FloristWare we have always taken the unglamorous job of sales tax collection and reporting seriously and have made sure that our flower shop software will automate the correct calculation of these new delivery fees, properly disclose them on receipts and invoices, and offer a simple report that makes filling out the new delivery fee return form DR 1786 quick and easy. FloristWare makes it easy for Colorado florists to do everything right.


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