Bookkeeping Handoff

Automagically gather up and send your bookkeeper/accountant the reports they need with a couple of clicks.

If you're a florist that loves to run reports and get into the numbers FloristWare has you covered with a wide variety of powerful reporting options.

If you're less excited about the accounting side of things the Bookkeeping Handoff feature is perfect for you. You just select a timedate range (usually the previous month), and FloristWare sends your accountant everything they need to do the books for that period.

You don't need to report what reports they need, or run them, or collect them all into an email. FloristWare does it for you.

And best of all FloristWare does all this without any of the information being visible. You can have any employee send your accountant everything they need without being able to see your financial information.


Are You A Client of Crockett Myers Associates? 

If you are a client of the floral accounting firm Crockett Myers Associates there is a special option, called the Crockett Myers report, that does something similar just for you.