Fairly Distribute Tips Among Your Employees

The debate on whether florists should solicit tips may not be settled, but they are a reality and the need for features that make it easy to add and fairly distribute them has never been greater.

Allowing for tips in your flower shop might seem easy decision but without a plan it gets complicated quickly, and there are a lot of things florists should consider.

The good news is that FloristWare has a plan...


FloristWare Makes It Easy To Add Tips To A Sale

When you are making a sale or entering an order FloristWare makes it very easy to add tips of any amount. Tips will appear on receipts/invoices with an appropriatetly appreciative comment that you set, and they will be handled correctly for accounting and sales tax purposes. Most importantly FloristWare will help you distribute them fairly among your employees later.


It Even Works With Web Orders

If your website is integrated with FloristWare any tips placed on that website will automatically be handled correctly too.


FloristWare Gets The Accounting Right

Accounting for tips is tricky but FloristWare has you covered. Our powerful accounting features make sure that tips and gratuities are not subjects to sales tax and not counted as revenue, and clear journal entries that make sense of exactly what is going on will keep your bookkeeper, accountant, and tax agencies happy.


FloristWare Makes It Easy To Distribue Tips Fairly

When your flower shop does not collect a lot of tips the time it takes to calculate how they should be distributed amongst the staff can be really frustrating – it seems like a lost of work for a small amount of money. And if you collect a lot of tips accurate distribution becomes critical. Whatever your situation you need a floral pos system that helps you divide tips fairly and easily.

FloristWare uses a special formula that distributes tips based on the amount collected and the hours worked by each employee each day. We won't go into all the details here (we would however love to discuss it over the phone) but this consistent, clear-cut and fair approach makes things easy for management and reduces confusion and resentment among your staff.

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