Crockett Myers Accounting Report

Get the accounts at Crockett Myers all the information they need each month with just a few clicks.

Very few florists got into the flower business because they were excited about the accounting side of things. They generally want to make beautiful arrangements, a nice profit, and leave the accounting to the experts.

And, of course, there is no better expert at floral industry accounting than the firm of Crockett Myers. They take outstanding care of many of our clients – freeing them up to pursue what they love about retail floral and grow their businesses knowing that their books are immaculate.

But we heard from some clients that they weren't always sure what reports and information they had to get to the people at Crockett Myers each month, resulting in a little bit of back and forth.

So we added a special Crockett Myers report. You just specify a time period, and FloristWare generates all the reports and collects all the data they generally need, gathers it up in an email and sends it off. You don't need to remember or run the reports – FloristWare does it for you.

And it does it without the information being visible to the user. This means that you can have an employee send Crockett Myers everything they need without being able to see your financial information.


Not A Client of Crockett Myers Associates? 

If you are not a client of Crockett Myers Associates don't worry. There is another feature, the Bookkeeping Handoff, that will do the something for you and send all the needed reports & other financial information to your bookkeeper/accountant.