Printer Automation: No Clicking Through Print Options

FloristWare automatically sends different print jobs to the correct printer and deals with print dialog boxes so you don't have to.

A typical flower order could mean three different print jobs: a receipt (from a ribbon printer) a worksheet (from a standard letter-sized printer) and an enclosure card (from a different printer or paper source).

FloristWare automates printer selection and setup so you don't have to. Think of the time you will save clicking through print dialog boxes, especially during peak times like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.


The Flower Business Is Just Not Like General Retail

This is one of the many places where floral retail differs, greatly, from retail in general, and another example of why florists need a POS system built specifically for the flower business.

Most retailers, those not in the flower business, typically only need to print receipt slips. The flower business is a lot more complicated than that!

During any five minute period in a busy flower shop you might need to print…

  • receipt slips
  • invoices and/or statements on letter-sized paper (potentially from one or more different printers and/or paper trays)
enclosure cards or tickets
  • bar code stickers

  • Most POS systems, even those that claim to be designed specially for retail florists, require you to manually select and submit each print job to the appropriate printer! 

This means that after taking just a simple local delivery order you might have to click through three different sets of print dialog boxes:

  • a receipt or invoice on one printer
  • a worksheet or ticket on another
  • an enclosure card on yet one more

FloristWare automates this for you because our clients would not tolerate anything less. You set the desired printer and paper source for each job type (reports, receipts, enclosure cards, tickets, etc.) for each machine and FloristWare takes care of the rest.


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