FAQ: Getting Started - Next Steps

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about getting started with FloristWare - the most popular independent POS system for florists.
I Want To Get Started. What Do I Need To Do?

First, makes sure all your questions have been answered. We want you to be absolutely certain that FloristWare is right for you. If you have any questions at all about pricing, compatibility with specific wire services or existing hardware or enclosure cards, etc. please be sure to ask.

If you are ready to go ahead you have likely been speaking with someone here already so please just let them know you would like to proceed. And if you have not spoken with anyone at FloristWare yet please call us at 888.531.3012.

How Quickly Can I Be Up & Running on Floristware?

It depends... after we arrange payment we start working on installing the software and (if requested) importing data from your old system. The data, and the amount of cleanup it requires, is really the big question. But typically you will be ready to go between one and two weeks after confirming with our sales department.

Can I Import Customer Data From My Existing System?

Many of our clients switch over from other POS systems and want to import existing customer data into FloristWare. If this is something that interests you we will need you to export a sample of your customer data and send it to us. We’ll then get back to you with a detailed report on what we can do with the data.

Don't see your question/answer here? Please call us at 1.888.531.3012.

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