Multiple Orders Per Sale... Because Florists Need To Offer That

Sometimes customers want to place multiple flower delivery orders in one sale. Only FloristWare lets you do that without difficult hacks and workarounds.

Real florists know that sometimes customers need to place multiple orders. You’ve probably seen one or more situations like this in your flower shop… 

  • a customer wants to order Mother's Day flowers for their wife, their mother and their mother-in-law
  • an HR department wants to send flowers to the employees having birthdays that week
  • a realtor or car dealer wants to send something to recent customers
  • a corporate account wants to sent gift baskets to a few different clients

And, generally, they’d prefer it be handled as a single sale, with one payment and one receipt. They don’t want you to have to process their credit card five different times, or get five different receipts. Totally understandable! Customer want what they want, and any customer placing multiple orders is valuable.

What’s not understandable is that most independent POS systems don’t let you have multiple orders in one sale. Instead they insist that you don’t really need to be able to do anything like that, and/or give you some ugly workaround like:

  • just create an account for the customer...
  • just ring in each order as a separate sale and charge each one to that new account...
  • just generate a statement on that account...
  • then just take a payment on that account...

Anybody who has worked in a flower shop knows that kind of hack is not good enough, and any floral POS system that requires it just isn’t serious about serving florists.

FloristWare lets you have as many different orders and cash and carry sales as you like in each sale, and gives you powerful tools for cloning and editing those orders. As a bonus you can also take split tender payments on any sale, spreading the payment across multiple credit cards or methods when requested.


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