Integration With The Best Ecommerce Websites For Florists

Florists deserve the best so FloristWare integrates with the best ecommerce websites and online flower stores.

Rather than try and try and increase our sales by building our own ecommerce/online flower shop website platform and forcing our clients to use it FloristWare integrates with the best providers of floral websites. You choose the website/vendor you like the best and we'll make it work for you. This is part of our philosophy of keeping the retail florist in control.

And by integrating with these websites FloristWare allows you to take advantage of some of our most popular features – things like delivery management and route optimization, real-time delivery confirmations and our mobile florist delivery app – with orders placed online.

Turnkey Floral Website Integrations

For most flower shops the best solution is to choose a website from one of our website integration partnersThese companies are the very best providers of floral websites in the industry and have proven themselves over the years. They offer advanced ecommerce solutions that perform well in search, turn visitors into customers, and increase online flower sales.

These sites are also built with retail floral in mind. Since retail floral ecommerce really is different they work better for a florist than standard ecommerce websites and online stores.

And because hundreds of FloristWare clients are already using these integrations the hard work has been done. They offer our clients the quickest and least expensive path to an online flower store that is fully integrated with your POS system.

Integration With Shopify Websites

Althought not designed specifically for the flower business some florists have used add'-ons and plugins to make the popular Shopify ecommerce platform work for their flower shops. These florists can connect their Shopify websites to the FloristWare POS system and enjoy features that make retrieving, preparing and delivering their eccommerce orders easier than ever.

You can learn more about the FloristWare integration with Shopify here or schedule an appointment to discuss how you can connect your Shopify florist website with FloristWare here.

API For Integration With Custom Floral Websites

We encourage clients to look at websites from our integration partners because this is the best, fastest and least expensive way to get a flower shop website that is optimized for the floral industry.

Some clients however want something that is truly custom, or they already have an existing floral website (from another vendor) that they don't want to part with, or they have a particular web developer that they want to work with.

In these cases we provide access to our ecommerce API. This is an integration standard that allows web developers to integrate their websites with FloristWare so that orders placed on the website flow right into the POS.

This kind of integration will almost always involve more time and money but many clients make use of it. For them it is the best of both possible worlds – they get the unique and fully custom website that they wanted and integration with the POS system that is essential to the operation of their flower shop.

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