The First And Best FSN Website/Relay Integration

FloristWare was the first POS to integrate with Flower Shop Network and remains the best way for FSN member florists to send & receive relay/web orders.

More than ten years ago FloristWare became the first floral POS system to integrate with Flower Shop Network, allowing FSN member florists to send and receive florist-to-florist and relay orders more easily than ever before. This integration also made it easier that ever for florists with FSN websites to retrieve their eCommerce orders. After more than a decade of cooperation and collaboration FloristWare continues to offer the best POS integration option for Flower Shop Network members.

Floristware Is Perfect For Flower Shop Network Members

FSN is a favorite of FloristWare users and FloristWare is a favorite of FSN members.

Send & Receive Florist-to-Florist (F2F) Relay Orders

Flower Shop Network was created as an alternative to the the traditional wire service model that had become too expensive and conflicted for many flower shops. FSN gave florists an affordable way to relay orders. The integration with FloristWare made it easier.

Sending Orders Through FSN

To send an outgoing relay order you just click a button. FloristWare sends the basic details (date, amout, destination) to Flower Shop Network, who return a list of shops that are able to fill that order. Click the one you want and you're done – the order has been sent. You don't need to re-enter any information.

"It is great sending through Flower Shop Network. With 1 Click and it is done!!!! Could not be easier! Thanks so much for your great program! I could not imagine not using Floristware… I would recommend it to anyone!!!!! Thanks Again!"

- Ricky Mapes Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi Owner

Receiving Florist-to-Florist Orders

FloristWare checks for incoming orders sent to you by other FSN shops and presents them to you in a list, and you can accept or reject them with a single click. If you accept the order is added to your production queue/fulfillment manager and any production documents (worksheets, enclosure cards, super/hyper tickets print according to your settings. You do not need to enter any information.

"We couldn't be happier with the ease and convenience that Floristware provides with wiring out our floral order through Flower Shop Network. We've always enjoyed working with both of them, but now that they interface, it's made our life so much easier. The transaction is now just a one step effort, and was very simple for all the staff to master."

- Ray German Taylor Made Florals | New Hampshire Owner

Retrieve Flower Shop Network Website Orders

Flower Shop Network offers some of the very best and most popular eCommerce website platforms for retail florists that want to sell online, and FloristWare makes retrieving those website orders easy. FloristWare retrieves them and adds them just like an order that you took over the phone.


Easier Handling Of Incoming FSN Orders

Take full advantage of all our powerful, time-saving features designed specifically for retail florists – things like delivery management & route optimization, real-time delivery confirmations and our mobile florist delivery app – with both incoming FSN florist-to-florist and website orders.


Sync Web/Regular Customers

Over time you are likely to have customers that purchase through more than one of your channels – in-person, over the phone or through your FSN website. FloristWare makes it easy to sync these customers so that you can serve them better.

For example lets say an existing customer (one that already exists in your POS system) first places an order on your Flower Shop Network eCommerce website. FloristWare presents you with a list of likely matches. Select one and they are linked forever – you never need to go through the match process again. And if that customer ever calls you will have access to their full history, no matter how the purchase was made, in one place.


Add Flower Shop Network Products

FloristWare makes it easy to add Flower Shop Network products to the catalog of products in your POS system – just one click and it's done. It can also sync products much like it does customers – allowing you to note that a product in your catalog is the same as a product on the Flower Shop Network website and report on them in one place.

"We are very impressed with the FloristWare point of sale system. Mark and the staff at FloristWare provide a straight forward, easy to use point of sale to manage a retail flower shop at an affordable price. Their customer service and responsiveness meet the highest of standards."

- Loranne Atwill Flower Shop Network, Inc. VP Operations/Owner

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